Mark Clay (vocals, rhythm guitar) joined the band in 2012, adding his considerable vocal talents to the mix. Mark brings years of experience in various bands to bear on both the eclectic Vinyl Tracks song list and the Glass Onion Beatles show. Mark plays Martin and Fender guitars. In addition to Vinyl Tracks, Mark fronts the acoustic trio Fiery Run and tags teams in a great duo called Knob Creek....and writes songs with up-and-coming artists in the Nashville and other music scenes. His addition to the band has wonderfuly expanded our fan base and added a new dimension to the sound and types of songs we play. You can learn more about Mark and his broad musical efforts at


Ted Seely (lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals) does it all, from spot-on leads and guitar parts, to strong second vocals, to being our sound man par excellence. Ted has tons of music industry experience under his belt too, playing in the past with folks like Ritchie Havens and being in opening acts at shows featuring Peter Frampton and others. If you were ever at the Lone Star Cafe in New York City in the 1970s, you probably saw Ted. Ted uses Gretsch, Rickenbaker and Gibson guitars. Ted also plays with Mark in Fiery Run.. 

Mike DeLaFleur (bass guitar, percussion, witty banter) has decades of experience on stage and in the studio, and adds a dimension and musicality to the sound of Vinyl Tracks not usually provided by a bass player. He uses Rickenbacker, Ernie Ball and Fender basses. If you went to Virginia Tech in the 1980s, you probably saw Mike playing somewhere. Mike also does solo original work with three albums to his credit ( He also plays in a folk/country/Gaelic band called Low Water Bridge (


Doug Briggs (drums, percussion, backing vocals) lays down the steady backbeat on the drums. He captures the essence of an understated yet powerful style. He also provides the extra vocal "oomph" that allows us to nail three part harmonies or "stacked" multitracked vocals. Doug plays a vintage Ludwig drum kit, naturally. Doug also supports Low Water Bridge with Mike. :: Band Website Design Builder